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El poder de los orígenes “Kökenin Yetisi”





El poder de los orígenes “Kökenin Yetisi”

Galeria Marlborough

Enric Granados 68, Barcelona

November 5 – December 12, 2015

Commissioned by Marlborough Gallery, the exhibition El poder de los orígenes “Kökenin Yetisi” presents recent works by Ahmet Güneştekin, works capable of evoking cultural history and bring powerful messages in a display that will surely capture people’s attention. The introduction article of the catalogue is written by Daniel Giralt-Miracle, well-known Catalan art critic and historian.

In El poder de los orígenes “Kökenin Yetisi,” Güneştekin conveys his considerations about the passage of time, religion and cultural history by converting mythological narratives into abstract imagery. The powerful variants of Encounter Kostantiniyye Series in the art show, mark common concepts and values, and express the possibility of developing an equal point of view on different religions and histories.

Giralt-Miracle introduces the artist whose creations arise from unusual formulations as regards form as well as meaning and that are entirely unlike those that have been acclaimed over the past few decades in the major European and American cities. Güneştekin deploys a peculiar procedure to combine meaning and form in his works. In essence, his paintings are informed by a mythological background fundamentally related to the legends and oral traditions of his native culture.

Güneştekin’s carefully constructed paintings convey extraordinary conviction, and to us they are especially suggestive because they tell stories that seem enigmatic. Many draw on remote fables that, more or less transformed, have mainly, though not exclusively, been passed down to us from Eastern cultures. There are also figures from Yazidist, Islamic, Hebrew, Greek, Roman and Christian mythology. His works often take us back to the dawn of civilization, because they tell of the relationship between human beings and divinities, the conflict between good and evil, war and peace, love and hate among gods, humans and cultures, themes that are still very timely. Twenty recent art works in the show El poder de los orígenes “Kökenin Yetisi,” provide visitors with this overall idea of the artist’s ethical and aesthetic approach.

Güneştekin opted to turn away from the classical and traditional methods and embark unburdened down a path that ultimately led to formulating the unique form of artistic expression that has become his signature style. He distributes the oil paints into vertical and horizontal bands and accentuates elements that are characteristic of the mythological subjects of each art work.

“Güneştekin is not only an artist interested in a plurality of themes, but he is also multifaceted in his ability to deploy diverse artistic resources – clarifies Daniel Giralt-Miracle – One aspect that especially captures one’s attention is the fact that in this amalgam of parallel lines, there are also curves and circles, which often creates a kinetic interplay of spheres, using the effects of op-art to emphasize the presence of the sun.”

Following the extraordinary success of Million Stone (Güneştekin’s his ongoing exhibition in Venice) and Momentum of Memory (Güneştekin’s first solo exhibition in Italy which Massimiliano Gioni himself praised as one of the ten must-see shows of the previous Biennale), the artist’s current project voices the mystical soul of his country, revealing stories and legends trespassing geographical borders testifying to the common roots of different cultures.

The exhibition sponsored by Çalık Holding consists of Güneştekin’s recent works will be on display at Marlborough Barcelona until December 12, 2015.

Photos: Ferhat Elik