GSM Publications, Antrepo 3, November 2012

206 pages

Turkish, English

Design: Vahit Tuna Design & Consultancy


The book accompanies Encounter, which brings together the artist’s work by the same name, a selection of other monumental works and the video works, all from the artist’s production between years 2007–2012. The publication of the exhibition opens with an essay by Johannes Odenthal, the director of Akademie der Künste. Odenthal endeavours to offer a comprehensive account of Güneştekin’s artistic practice and provides a personal journey constructed around his works. The essay includes artist’s quotes from an unpublished interview Odenthal specially conducted with him for this book. Designed by Vahit Tuna, the exhibition book features video stills, installation views and the reproduction photographs taken by FG Studio and Ş. Yakup Tarhan.